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The Township of Pembroke-21st Century
Preservation of the Pembroke Community Coalition

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Please contact local media representatives to spread the word! Let them know that the community of Pembroke-Hopkins Park is more important than preserving wetlands!
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Contact Local Legislators

Contact your Illinois Representatives and Senators and ask that they become aware of the Pembroke Township issues. Request that they consider legislative reform that restricts the land acquisition rights of conservancy groups in populated areas.

Download and edit this sample letter for your legislator: Sample letter to legislator

Representative Kate Cloonen
1 Dearborn Square
Suite 419
Kankakee, IL 60901

U.S. Representative Robin Kelly
600 Holiday Plaza Dr.
Suite 505
Matteson, IL 60443

Senator Toi Hutchinson
222 Vollmer Rd., Suite 1D
Chicago Heights, IL 60411
(708) 756-0882
(708) 756-0885 FAX

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin
230 S. Dearborn Street
Suite 3892
Chicago, IL 60604
312.353.0150 FAX

U.S. Senator Mark Kirk
230 South Dearborn
Suite 3900
Chicago, IL 60604
Phone: 312-886-3506
Fax: 312-886-2117

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Contact U.S. Legislators
Illinois and U.S. Legislators must become informed about this important human rights issue. The 1965 Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) takes money from oil drilling leases and funds conservation organizations, like the Nature Conservancy and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife. The LWCF required Congressional reauthorization in September, 2015, but was allowed to sunset due primarily to the work of U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah). As the Chairman of the House Committee of Natural Resources, Rep. Bishop refused to reauthorize the LWCF without the provision of additional restrictions and regulations that will limit, among other things, continued land acquisition. The Fund was temporarily reauthorized for three years in December of 2015, but there is still time to advocate for change before permanent reauthorization! If restrictions are put into place that limit land acquisition, it is possible that the conservation groups will lose interest in such a contentious land deal like Pembroke Township. Contact your local U.S. Representatives and Senators and ask that they support Rep. Bishop’s LWCF restrictions.

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